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Product: EcoSphere

Manufacturer: EcoSynthetix

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Chemicals → Green Chemistry



EcoSphereŽ is a new biobased material that is an alternative to petroleum-based latex. It can broadly substitute for oil-based latex in diverse applications, such as paper and paperboard, architectural coatings, carpet backing, engineered wood products, insulation and roofing, cosmetics, textiles, nonwovens and drilling fluids.

Much like the Intel microchip powers many different brands of computer, the "EcoSphere Inside" concept enables our partners to power their own sustainability initiatives. In the paper industry, EcoSphere biolatex binders represent a new family of commercially available products for the manufacture of coated paper and paperboard, providing a traditional industry an alternative to non-renewable petroleum chemicals. These products result from the transformation of annually renewable crop resources via the company's patented processes into a dry biopolymer nanoparticle agglomerate powder that can be used dry or pre-dispersed in water.

This family of EcoSphere products exhibit excellent ultra-high shear rheology, shear-thinning behavior similar to petrochemical-based colloids such as carboxylated styrene butadiene (SB), styrene acrylate (SA) and polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) latex.

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