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Hematite 're-growth' smoothes rough edges for clean energy harvest

Finding an efficient solar water splitting method to mine electron-rich hydrogen for clean power has been thwarted by the poor performance of hematite. But by 're-growing' the mineral's surface, a smoother version of hematite doubled electrical yield, opening a new door to energy-harvesting artificial photosynthesis, according to a new report.

Posted: Jun 16th, 2015

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Leaving on a biofueled jet plane

Researchers have developed a catalytic process for converting sugarcane biomass into a new class of aviation fuel and lubricant base oils that could help biorefineries achieve net life-cycle greenhouse gas savings of up to 80 percent.

Posted: Jun 15th, 2015

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New calculations to improve CO2 monitoring from space

How light of different colours is absorbed by carbon dioxide can now be accurately predicted using new calculations. This will help climate scientists studying Earth's greenhouse gas emissions to better interpret data collected from satellites and ground stations measuring CO2.

Posted: Jun 15th, 2015

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Carbon capture from cement production

The cement industry is one of the largest sources worldwide of carbon emissions, accounting for around five per cent of global emissions. New technologies may help substantially lower these emissions.

Posted: Jun 12th, 2015

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Diamond-like coatings save fuel

Coating engine components with hard carbon reduces friction to almost zero - a development that could save billions of liters of fuel worldwide every year. Now researchers have developed a new laser method to apply the coating on the production line.

Posted: Jun 9th, 2015

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Turning paper industry waste into chemicals

Researchers have found a more eco-friendly way to derive lignin - a paper industry waste product - from wood and convert it into chemical building blocks. The resulting chemicals can be used in paint, insulation foam, and several other products.

Posted: Jun 8th, 2015

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