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Argonne's green technologies research makes every day Earth Day

Argonne National Laboratory is involved in a wide array of research and development projects aimed at advancing alternative energy sources and other green technologies in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases and ameliorate climate change, as well as to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and promote energy independence for the United States.

Posted: Apr 22nd, 2009

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Simplicity key for European innovation institute

Applications to host the first Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) chosen by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) will be rejected if they exceed 40 pages, according to the institute's board.

Posted: Apr 21st, 2009

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New discovery to improve the performance of the nanotubes in solar cells

A research team from Northeastern University and the National Institute of Standards and Technology has discovered, serendipitously, that a residue of a process used to build arrays of titania nanotubes -a residue that wasn't even noticed before this - plays an important role in improving the performance of the nanotubes in solar cells that produce hydrogen gas from water.

Posted: Apr 21st, 2009

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