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Using nanomaterials to localize and control drug delivery

Using nanotechnology, scientists from UCLA and Northwestern University have developed a localized and controlled drug delivery method that is invisible to the immune system, a discovery that could provide newer and more effective treatments for cancer and other diseases.

Posted: Jan 22nd, 2008

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Nanotechnology, sci-fi, master chief vacuum cleaner

It takes a lot to differentiate something like a vacuum cleaner in today's high-tech world of Dysons and Roombas, but it appears that Samsung is attempting to appeal to the gaming crowd by designing a model shaped like the Master Chief character from the Halo universe.

Posted: Jan 21st, 2008

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New technique will deliver more detailed x-rays

European researchers have developed a way of producing extremely detailed x-ray images using conventional imaging equipment such as that found in hospitals and airports. The new technique produces so-called 'dark-field' images, which could be of use in a number of applications, including medical imaging and security screening.

Posted: Jan 21st, 2008

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New technology sharpens X-ray vision

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and the EPFL in Switzerland have developed a novel method for producing dark-field x-ray images at wavelengths used in typical medical and industrial imaging equipment.

Posted: Jan 20th, 2008

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Room for improvement in nanotechnology field

Northeast Ohio and the entire state have some of the right materials to build a strong nanotechnology industry, but a few key elements are missing, according to a report released by regional technology advocacy group NorTech and the Nano-Network, a program focused on connecting the regionā??s nanotech companies and assets.

Posted: Jan 19th, 2008

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Spaceward 2008 $2 million power challenge goals announced

The Spaceward Foundation announces the goals for the 2008 Space Elevator Power Beaming Challenge. Building on the results of the 2007 Challenge, the goals for 2008 have been set at 1 km height, 5 m/s minimum speed, for a prize level of $2M.

Posted: Jan 18th, 2008

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