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Coating layered nanoparticles alters immune cell uptake

A major limitation that investigators still must overcome to fully realize nanoparticles for anticancer applications is the propensity for immune cells such as macrophages to engulf and eliminate nanoparticles circulating in the bloodstream.

Posted: Sep 11th, 2006

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Artificial nanoscale cholesterol carrier targets brain tumors

New research results suggest that for cancer patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most common malignant brain tumor in adults, synthetic LDL-like nanoparticles could prove to be the vehicle of choice for delivering potent anticancer drugs to tumor cells while sparing healthy neighboring cells.

Posted: Sep 11th, 2006

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Ultrasound can deliver drugs

Researchers have shown how ultrasound energy can briefly "open a door" in the protective outer membranes of living cells to allow entry of drugs and other therapeutic molecules.

Posted: Sep 6th, 2006

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