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Seeing energized light-active molecules proves quick work for scientists

To understand how molecules undergo light-driven chemical transformations, scientists need to be able to follow the atoms and electrons within the energized molecule as it gains and loses energy. In a recent study, a team of researchers used ultrafast high-intensity pulsed X-rays to take molecular snapshots of these molecules.

Posted: Sep 8th, 2016

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Containing 'electromagnetic pollution' with MXenes

New findings suggest that a few-atoms thin titanium carbide, one of about 20 two-dimensional materials of MXene family, can be more effective at blocking and containing electromagnetic interference, with the added benefit of being extremely thin and easily applied in a coating just by spraying it onto any surface - like paint.

Posted: Sep 8th, 2016

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Extreme ultracapacitors

Carbon nanotube-based energy-storage devices find uses in drilling operations, aerospace applications, electric vehicles.

Posted: Sep 7th, 2016

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