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New nanotechnology method may help compress computer memory

A simple way to synthesize iron-platinum nanorods and nanowires while controlling both size and composition. Nanorods with uniform shape and magnetic alignment are one key to the next generation of high-density information storage, but have been difficult to make in bulk.

Jun 22nd, 2007

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Catching Waves - measuring self-assembly in action

By making careful observations of the growth of a layer of molecules as they gradually cover the surface of a small silicon rectangle, researchers have gained basic insights into how self-propagating self-assembly wave fronts develop.

Jun 21st, 2007

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Buckyballs to fight allergy

A research team has identified a new biological function for buckyballs - the ability to block allergic response, setting the stage for the development of new therapies for allergy.

Jun 20th, 2007

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