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EU nanotechnology project NanoDiode launches its project website

The European FP7 Project NanoDiode has officially unveiled its website. Visitors will be able to find the latest information on what activities will be being done by the project around the EU, what publications are considered vital to an understanding, and betterment, of nanotechnology dissemination activities, and see how NanoDiode aims to inspire, educate, co-create and engage with society on nanotechnologies.

Posted: Nov 4th, 2013

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Researchers discover important mechanism behind nanoparticle reactivity

An international team of researchers has used pioneering electron microscopy techniques to discover an important mechanism behind the reaction of metallic nanoparticles with the environment. Crucially, the research shows that oxidation of metals - the process that describes, for example, how iron reacts with oxygen, in the presence of water, to form rust - proceeds much more rapidly in nanoparticles than at the macroscopic scale.

Posted: Nov 3rd, 2013

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NanoSafety Cluster launches its first newsletter

The NanoSafety Cluster is an EC initiative to maximise the synergies between the past, ongoing and future FP7 nanosafety projects. Each of these projects addresses key aspects of nanosafety, including toxicology, ecotoxicology, exposure assessment, risk assessment, standardisation, and mechanisms of interaction.

Posted: Nov 1st, 2013

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New approach produces cleanest graphene yet, with previously unrealized performance

Columbia Engineering researchers have experimentally demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to electrically contact an atomically thin two-dimensional material only along its one-dimensional edge, rather than contacting it from the top, which has been the conventional approach. With this new contact architecture, they have developed a new assembly technique for layered materials that prevents contamination at the interfaces, and, using graphene as the model 2D material, show that these two methods in combination result in the cleanest graphene yet realized.

Posted: Oct 31st, 2013

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Researchers aim nanotechnology at micrometastases

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have received two grants totaling nearly $1.7 million to build nanoparticles that seek and destroy metastases too small to be detected with current technologies.

Posted: Oct 31st, 2013

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