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Nano ceramics for armor

Key aspects of ceramic armor materials at the atomic, nano, micro, and macro scale are significant to ceramic armor performance.

Posted: Feb 6th, 2014

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Researchers develop framework for understanding current-switched magnetic devices

An international collaboration has made significant progress in modelling how electric currents affect the magnetization in some current-switched magnetic devices. While a number of such devices hold promise as low energy electronics, progress on some of the latest ideas has been impeded because different and contradictory models have been proposed to understand how they work and how to best optimize their performance.

Posted: Feb 5th, 2014

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Electronically controlled drug delivery from graphene nanocomposites

Potential side effects of many of today's therapeutic drugs can be downright frightening - just listen carefully to a drug commercial on TV. These effects often occur when a drug is active throughout the body, not just where and when it is needed. But scientists are reporting progress on a new tailored approach to deliver medicine in a much more targeted way.

Posted: Feb 5th, 2014

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