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New fluorescent polymer makes deformation visible

A new type of polymer can show that it has changed shape. After exposure to UV light, the chain-like molecules emit a different colour of light. This opens a new pathway for research into how viruses function in a cell and how minor damage in rubbers and plastics can accumulate and lead to rupture.

Aug 13th, 2015

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Nano-style sheets may aid health, shield ecosystem

Nanomembrane sheets made from nylon resemble a tangled web. The tiny iron oxide particles on the fiber surfaces can help clean toxic chemicals from water, but if the particles get separated from the web, they can become hazards themselves.

Aug 12th, 2015

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Microresonators could bring optical sensors, communications

Researchers have solved a key obstacle in creating the underlying technology for miniature optical sensors to detect chemicals and biological compounds, high-precision spectroscopy, ultra-stable microwave sources, and optical communications systems that transmit greater volumes of information with better quality.

Aug 11th, 2015

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