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Robots can be more aware of human co-workers, with system that provides context

Working safely is not only about processes, but context - understanding the work environment and circumstances, and being able to predict what other people will do next. A new system empowers robots with this level of context awareness, so they can work side-by-side with humans on assembly lines more efficiently and without unnecessary interruptions.

Apr 8th, 2021

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Even without a brain, metal-eating robots can search for food

Researchers demonstrate a wheeled robot that can navigate its environment without a computer. By having the left and right wheels of the robot powered by different units, they show a rudimentary form of navigation and foraging, where the robot will automatically steer toward metallic surfaces it can 'eat'.

Apr 1st, 2021

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Expressing some doubts about android faces

Researchers study the expressiveness of android faces using motion capture cameras and identify ways in which they still lack the complexity of real human reactions, which may help guide future robot design.

Mar 22nd, 2021

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Robots learn faster with quantum technology

A crucial question for practical applications is how fast intelligent machines can learn. An experiment has answered this question, showing that quantum technology enables a speed-up in the learning process.

Mar 11th, 2021

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Army of robots pushes the limits of astrophysics (w/video)

One thousand newly-minted microrobots will soon be deployed at two large-scale telescopes in Chile and the United States. These high-precision instruments, capable of positioning optical fibers to within a micron, will vastly increase the quantity of astrophysics data that can be gathered - and expand our understanding of the Universe.

Mar 5th, 2021

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