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Teaching robots to teach other robots

A new study finds that by sharing knowledge with each other at the same time, AI agents can quickly learn a wider range of tasks, with applications in medicine and beyond.

Jul 19th, 2023

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New skin-like sensors fit almost everywhere

Rave developed an automatic process for making soft sensors. These universal measurement cells can be attached to almost any kind of object. Applications are envisioned especially in robotics and prosthetics.

Jul 17th, 2023

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Europe launches massive AI test facilities

A 220 million Euro investment launching this week provides a permanent capacity to deliver responsible AI in Europe by testing solutions before they hit the market and become a part of healthcare, manufacturing, agri-food, and everyday life.

Jun 26th, 2023

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Pangolins inspire medical robots

Researchers have developed a magnetically controlled soft medical robot with a unique, flexible structure inspired by the body of a pangolin. The robot is freely movable despite built-in hard metal components.

Jun 20th, 2023

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