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3D-printed robot hand plays the piano

Scientists have developed a 3D-printed robotic hand which can play simple musical phrases on the piano by just moving its wrist. And while the robot is no virtuoso, it demonstrates just how challenging it is to replicate all the abilities of a human hand, and how much complex movement can still be achieved through design.

Dec 20th, 2018

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Shape-shifting modular robot is more than the sum of its parts

Researchers have developed modular robots that can perceive their surroundings, make decisions and autonomously assume different shapes in order to perform various tasks - an accomplishment that brings the vision of adaptive, multipurpose robots a step closer to reality.

Oct 31st, 2018

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New technique reveals limb control in flies - and maybe robots

A new neural recording technique enables for the first time the comprehensive measurement of neural circuits that control limb movement. Tested on the fruit fly, results from the technique may inspire the development of more sophisticated robotic control approaches.

Oct 22nd, 2018

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