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Engineering breakthrough in softbotics

Engineers have developed a soft material with metal-like conductivity and self-healing properties that is the first to maintain enough electrical adhesion to support digital electronics and motors. This marks a breakthrough in softbotics and the fields of robotics, electronics, and medicine.

Mar 9th, 2023

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What makes a neural network remember?

Researchers have altered a commonly used computer model of memory called a Hopfield network in a way that improves performance by taking inspiration from biology . They found that not only does the new network better reflect how neurons and other cells wire up in the brain, it can also hold dramatically more memories.

Mar 6th, 2023

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'Swarmalators' better envision synchronized microbots

Researchers expand the concept of swarmalators, short for 'swarming oscillators' to make it more useful for engineering microrobots, better understand existing, observed biological behaviors, and for theoreticians to experiment in this field.

Mar 1st, 2023

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