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Robotics next frontier to combat bacterial resistance to medicines

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been described as one of the greatest threats to global health and food security. Surveillance is a core component of managing AMR, yet surveillance methods have changed very little since their conception and remain cost prohibitive and resource intense.

May 4th, 2021

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Robots can be more aware of human co-workers, with system that provides context

Working safely is not only about processes, but context - understanding the work environment and circumstances, and being able to predict what other people will do next. A new system empowers robots with this level of context awareness, so they can work side-by-side with humans on assembly lines more efficiently and without unnecessary interruptions.

Apr 8th, 2021

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Even without a brain, metal-eating robots can search for food

Researchers demonstrate a wheeled robot that can navigate its environment without a computer. By having the left and right wheels of the robot powered by different units, they show a rudimentary form of navigation and foraging, where the robot will automatically steer toward metallic surfaces it can 'eat'.

Apr 1st, 2021

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