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Hopping towards a better soft robot (w/video)

Engineers have developed one of the first 3-D printed, soft robots that moves autonomously. The design offers a new solution to an engineering challenge that has plagued soft robotics: the integration of rigid and soft materials.

Jul 9th, 2015

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Robotics competition generated groundbreaking research (w/video)

Last weekend was the final round of competition in the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's contest to design control systems for a humanoid robot that could climb a ladder, remove debris, drive a utility vehicle, and perform several other tasks related to a hypothetical disaster.

Jun 11th, 2015

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Robot eyes will benefit from insect vision

The way insects see and track their prey is being applied to a new robot in the hopes of improving robot visual systems. The project - which crosses the boundaries of neuroscience, mechanical engineering and computer science - builds on years of research into insect vision.

Jun 10th, 2015

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Using Minecraft to unboggle the robot mind (w/video)

Researchers are developing a new algorithm to help robots better plan their actions in complex environments. It's designed to help robots be more useful in the real world, but it's being developed with the help of a virtual world - that of the video game Minecraft.

Jun 8th, 2015

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