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'Tree-on-a-chip' device may be used to make small robots move

Engineers have designed a microfluidic device they call a 'tree-on-a-chip', which mimics the pumping mechanism of trees and plants. Like its natural counterparts, the chip operates passively, requiring no moving parts or external pumps. It is able to pump water and sugars through the chip at a steady flow rate for several days.

Mar 20th, 2017

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Now you can 'build your own' bio-bot

Researchers have been developing a class of walking 'bio-bots' powered by muscle cells and controlled with electrical and optical pulses. Now, they are sharing the recipe for the current generation of bio-bots.

Feb 13th, 2017

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'Knitted muscles' provide power

Researchers have coated normal fabric with an electroactive material, and in this way given it the ability to actuate in the same way as muscle fibres.

Jan 26th, 2017

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Swarm of underwater robots mimics ocean life

Underwater robots offer scientists an extraordinary new tool to study ocean currents and the tiny creatures they transport. Swarms of these underwater robots helped answer some basic questions about the most abundant life forms in the ocean - plankton.

Jan 24th, 2017

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