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Robots battle it out, revolutionary-style

On Thursday evening, just before nightfall, a revolution was afoot at MIT. The battleground was set, the munitions were stocked, the targets were marked, and the soldiers were... robots.

May 7th, 2016

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Humanoid robotics and computer avatars could help treat social disorders

A collaborative research team has found humanoid robotics and computer avatars could help rehabilitate people suffering from social disorders such as schizophrenia or social phobia. It is thanks to the theory of similarity, which suggests that it is easier to interact socially with someone who looks, behaves or moves like us.

Apr 11th, 2016

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Amputee feels texture with a bionic fingertip

An amputee was able to feel smoothness and roughness in real-time with an artificial fingertip that was surgically connected to nerves in his upper arm. Moreover, the nerves of non-amputees can also be stimulated to feel roughness, without the need of surgery, meaning that prosthetic touch for amputees can now be developed and safely tested on intact individuals.

Mar 8th, 2016

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