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Soft autonomous robot inches along like an earthworm (w/video)

Scientists have engineered a soft autonomous robot that moves via peristalsis, crawling across surfaces by contracting segments of its body, much like an earthworm. The robot, made almost entirely of soft materials, is remarkably resilient: Even when stepped upon or bludgeoned with a hammer, the robot is able to inch away, unscathed.

Aug 9th, 2012

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Handy technologies for dextrous robots

A team of EU-funded researchers has developed the world's first human-sized, five-fingered robotic hand that can learn to grasp and manipulate a range of delicate and oddly shaped objects just as humans do.

Aug 2nd, 2012

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Within reach: Engineers to add arms and hands to unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), such as those used by the military for surveillance and reconnaissance, could be getting a hand - and an arm - from engineers at Drexel University as part of a National Science Foundation grant to investigate adding dexterous limbs to the aircrafts. The project, whose subject harkens to the hovering android iconography of sci-fi movies, could be a step toward the use of UAVs for emergency response and search and rescue scenarios.

Aug 1st, 2012

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Robotic assistance for the elderly

A team of EU-funded researchers has developed a robotic companion and intelligent home environment that could help elderly people live richer and more independent lives and reduce the burden placed on healthcare services.

Aug 1st, 2012

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Swimming robots could make lifeguards history (w/video)

Researchers have created a robot that can perfectly replicate back stroke swimming. The team at the Tokyo University of Technology, led by associate professor Motomu Nakashima, hopes that eventually robots like the "Swumanoid" can act as robot lifeguards, patrolling the shores and helping swimmers in distress.

Jul 31st, 2012

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The artificial finger (w/video)

European researchers of the projects NanoBioTact and NanoBioTouch delve deep into the mysteries of touch and have developed the first sensitive artificial finger.

Jul 19th, 2012

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NRL brings inertia of space to robotics research

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Spacecraft Engineering Department's space robotics research facility recently took possession of a one-of-a-kind 75,000 pound Gravity Offset Table (GOT) made from a single slab of solid granite.

Jul 18th, 2012

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Can robots improve patient care in the ICU?

Remote presence robots are used in intensive care units (ICUs) to help critical care physicians supplement on-site patient visits and maintain more frequent patient interactions. Physicians who employ this technology to supplement day-to-day patient care strongly support the positive clinical and social impact of using robots.

Jul 11th, 2012

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