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Astrophysicists propose that all high-energy cosmic neutrinos are born by quasars

Scientists studied the arrival directions of astrophysical neutrinos with energies more than a trillion electronvolts (TeV) and came to an unexpected conclusion: all of them are born near black holes in the centers of distant active galaxies powerful radio sources. Previously, only neutrinos with the highest energies were assumed to be obtained in sources of this class.

Feb 22nd, 2021

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New metamaterials for studying the oldest light in the universe

To capture the ancient, cold light from the cosmic microwave background, researchers use specialized telescopes equipped with ultrasensitive cameras for detecting millimeter-wavelength signals. The next-generation cameras will contain up to 100,000 superconducting detectors.Scientists have developed a new type of metamaterials-based antireflection coating for the silicon lenses used in these cameras.

Feb 17th, 2021

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A new way of forming planets

Astrophysicists suggest a new explanation for the abundance in intermediate-mass exoplanets - a long-standing puzzle in astronomy.

Feb 11th, 2021

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A new way to look for life-sustaining planets

New capabilities developed by an international team of astronomers make it possible to directly image planets that could potentially harbor life within the habitable zone of a neighboring star system.

Feb 10th, 2021

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