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Hubble sees boulders escaping from asteroid dimorphos

Astronomers using Hubble's extraordinary sensitivity have discovered a swarm of boulders that were possibly shaken off the asteroid when NASA deliberately slammed the half-ton DART impactor spacecraft into Dimorphos at approximately 14,000 miles per hour.

Jul 21st, 2023

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How old are stars outside clusters?

Scientists have successfully established a connection between the rotation rates of stars in star clusters and those outside them, so-called field stars, enabling the ages of the latter to be derived.

Jul 20th, 2023

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Black hole ripples could help pin down expansion of Universe

The echoes of light from jets launched from black holes offers a new way to pin down the distance to these exotic objects and to study a largely unobserved population in the centre of the Galaxy. It could also even help determine the rate of expansion of the Universe.

Jul 5th, 2023

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