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Flashes of light on the dark matter

A web that passes through infinite intergalactic spaces, a dense cosmic forest illuminated by very distant lights and a huge enigma to solve. These are the picturesque ingredients of a scientific research that adds an important element for understanding one of the fundamental components of our Universe: the dark matter.

Posted: Jul 21st, 2017

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Six mysteries of Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Despite the fact that the spot is so familiar to most of us, there's a lot that astronomers still don't understand about it. The new Juno observations may finally begin to unravel its mysteries.

Posted: Jul 13th, 2017

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Shedding light on galaxies' rotation secrets

Spiral galaxies are strongly rotating whereas the rotation velocity of ellipticals is much lower. A new study investigates the reasons of such a dichotomy revealing that it is imprinted at formation.

Posted: Jul 13th, 2017

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