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Solar activity likely to peak next year, new study suggests

Scientists have discovered a new relationship between the Sun's magnetic field and its sunspot cycle, that can help predict when the peak in solar activity will occur. Their work indicates that the maximum intensity of solar cycle 25, the ongoing sunspot cycle, is imminent and likely to occur within a year.

Nov 28th, 2023

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'Amaterasu' particle: a new cosmic mystery

Scientists have successfully detected an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray with an energy level comparable to the most energetic cosmic ray ever observed. The cosmic ray is set to be named after the Japanese sun goddess, Amaterasu.

Nov 23rd, 2023

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Saturn is eating its D ring - resulting in a complex upper atmosphere

A recent doctoral thesis, Diving Deep into Saturn's Equatorial Ionosphere with Cassini: Insights from the Grand Finale, focuses on the composition of plasma, charged particles, in the upper part of Saturn's atmosphere and how our understanding of it has evolved since the discovery of the ring influx.

Nov 22nd, 2023

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An ammonia trail to exoplanets

With the help of the James Webb Space Telescope, a team of researchers measured ammonia in the atmosphere of a cold brown dwarf, showing that the isotopic abundance of ammonia can be used to study how giant gas planets form.

Nov 7th, 2023

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