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Ground-breaking number of brown dwarfs discovered

Brown dwarfs are mysterious astronomical objects that fill the gap between the heaviest planets and the lightest stars, with a mix of stellar and planetary characteristics. Due to this hybrid nature, these puzzling objects are crucial to improve our understanding of both stars and giant planets.

Jun 9th, 2022

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Strange radio burst raises new questions

Astronomers have found only the second example of a highly active, repeating Fast Radio Burst (FRB) with a compact source of weaker but persistent radio emission between bursts. The discovery raises new questions about the nature of these mysterious objects and also about their usefulness as tools for studying the nature of intergalactic space.

Jun 8th, 2022

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The chaotic early phase of the solar system

Scientists analyzed iron samples from the cores of such asteroids that landed on Earth as meteorites. In doing so, they unravelled part of their early history during the time when planets formed.

May 24th, 2022

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