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Planetary striptease

Astronomers show that the atmospheres of super-Earths are blown away by radiation from their host stars.

Posted: Apr 18th, 2016

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Cosmic rays: The key to galaxy formation?

Understanding the physics of galaxy formation is arguably among the greatest problems in modern astrophysics. A newly formed research group investigates the impact of cosmic rays on galaxy and cluster formation.

Posted: Apr 13th, 2016

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New, fast solar wind propulsion system Is aim of new study

Scientists are set to use computer models to investigate the results of experimental testing at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville to develop an engineering tool to design missions using a new type of long-distance space propulsion.

Posted: Apr 12th, 2016

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'Smoothed' light will help search for Earth's twins

Physicists have developed optical technology for the 'correction' of light coming from distant stars, which will significantly improve the 'seeing' of telescopes and therefore will enable us to directly observe exoplanets as Earth-twins.

Posted: Mar 30th, 2016

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Earth-space telescope system produces hot surprise

Astronomers using an orbiting radio telescope in conjunction with four ground-based radio telescopes have achieved the highest resolution, or ability to discern fine detail, of any astronomical observation ever made. Their achievement produced a pair of scientific surprises that promise to advance the understanding of quasars, supermassive black holes at the cores of galaxies.

Posted: Mar 30th, 2016

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