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Black hole billiards in the centers of galaxies

Researchers provide the first plausible explanation to why one of the most massive black hole pairs observed to date by gravitational waves also seemed to merge on a non-circular orbit. Their suggested solution involves a chaotic triple drama inside a giant disk of gas around a super massive black hole in a galaxy far, far away.

Mar 9th, 2022

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Death spiral: a black hole spins on its side

Researchers found that the axis of rotation of a black hole in a binary system is tilted more than 40 degrees relative to the axis of stellar orbit. The finding challenges current theoretical models of black hole formation.

Feb 25th, 2022

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Mysterious source of fast radio bursts

The phenomenon of fast radio bursts is one of the greatest mysteries of modern astrophysics. Until now it has been believed that their source is magnetars. The latest discovery may partially revise this view.

Feb 23rd, 2022

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