• Conductive Arrow™ AFM Probes
  • Conductive Arrow™ AFM Probes
  • Conductive Arrow™ AFM Probes

Conductive Arrow™ AFM Probes


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  • Conductive Arrow™ AFM Probes

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  • NanoWorld Arrow™ AFM probes are designed for easy tip positioning and high-resolution AFM imaging. They fit to all well-known commercial SPMs (Scanning Probe Microscopes) and AFMs (Atomic Force Microscopes). The AFM probe consists of an AFM probe support chip with an AFM cantilever which has a tetrahedral AFM tip at its triangular free end.
    The AFM probe is entirely made of monolithic, highly doped silicon.
    The unique Arrow™ shape of the AFM cantilever and the position of the AFM tip at the very end of the cantilever allows easy positioning of the AFM tip on the area of interest.
    The special AFM tip shape leads to very symmetric scans.
    The following types of conductive ARROW AFM probes with a PlatinumIridium Coating are available:

    ARROW-CONTPt ( often used in Force Distance Spectroscopy Mode or Pulsed Force Mode (PFM)):
    Typical force constant: 0.2 N/m
    Typical resonance frequency: 14 kHz

    ARROW-EFM (designed for applications in Electrostatic Force Microscopy ):
    Typical force constant: 2.8 N/m
    Typical resonance frequency: 75 kHz

    Typical force constant: 42 N/m
    Typical resonance frequency: 285 kHz

    AFM probes of Arrow™ AFM probe series also include:
    Tapping mode AFM probes, contact mode AFM probes, High-Speed AFM probes ( ARROW-UHF ) and a range of tipless AFM cantilevers and AFM cantilever arrays.
    Please contact us to find out more or have a look at:

  • NanoWorld™ is the world market leader for innovative high-quality probes for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM). The many kinds of SPM probes with various tip shapes and coatings offered by NanoWorld™ are used by researchers as well as in industrial applications.

    NanoWorld’s main product series are:

    - the Pointprobe® Silicon AFM probes series, the most widely used and best-know SPM and AFM probe series worldwide

    - the Arrow™ Silicon AFM probes series – with an AFM tip at the very end at the cantilever offering optimized positioning through maximized tip visibility

    - the Pyrex-Nitride ( PNP ) Silicon Nitride AFM tips series, these AFM probes are mainly used in biological applications and feature cantilevers and tips made from Silicon Nitride

    - the Ultra Short Cantilever Series with very high resonance frequencies which is used for High Speed AFM and video rate AFM applications in air and in liquid

    In our regularly updated NanoWorld blog you can find many application examples for our AFM probes.

    Please have a look at the “how to buy” page on our webpage to find the contact details of your local distributor.

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