• Reflection Polymer Melt Probe (RPMP)

Reflection Polymer Melt Probe (RPMP)


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  • Reflection Polymer Melt Probe (RPMP)

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  • Sales and Marketing,ColVisTec

  • RPMP probes are used to measure opaque materials such as molten polymers, chemicals, pharmaceuticals as well as powders. This probe is specially designed to withstand the high temperature and pressure often found in extruders, though it can also be installed in other types of manufacturing machinery.

    Probe Tip: Standard Dynisco Thread 1/2”-20 UNF
    Sapphire Window (Self Cleaning by Material Flow)
    Separate Fiber Optic for Easy Calibration
    Temperature: ≤ 400 °C
    Pressure: ≤ 200 bar
    Illumination with Xenon Flash Lamp
    Six Circumferential Positioned Glass Fibers for Illumination
    Center Positioned Fiber for Reflectance
    Standard Fiber Length: 5 m
    Maximum Fiber Length: 20 m

  • At ColVisTec, we work with the world's leading manufacturers in the paint, pharmaceutical, plastics, and chemical industries. Our team of highly knowledgeable engineers and scientists support them with a reliable and industry-ready inline UV-Vis spectroscopy.​

    By adding inline UV-Vis spectrophotometry devices onto the assembly line, we can measure the production output in real-time. In addition, it opens fantastic opportunities for productivity as well as quality gains, leading to a huge stand-alone benefit for your factory when implemented into the context of digitalized manufacturing: Industry 4.0.

    Our technology can be customized for a wide variety of processes, allowing flexible hardware configurations, offering data output in different formats, and excellent integration with the software solutions already in place.

    We take pride in our extensive customer support and provide a full menu of training options to secure a smooth transition from off-line measurement to fully automated inline solutions.

    From our headquarters in Berlin, Germany, we support our product line worldwide and work in close cooperation with other process machinery manufacturers to provide complete solutions when customers are in the market for new plants. Most often our technology is fitted to the existing manufacturing facilities, boosting their productivity and quality. We don’t see ourselves as suppliers of hardware; our aim is to provide unique solutions that are specifically required by your process.

    Our company was founded in 2009 and is now co-funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union.

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