• Tera-1024 (32x32) THz imaging camera
  • Tera-1024 (32x32) THz imaging camera
  • Tera-1024 (32x32) THz imaging camera

Tera-1024 (32x32) THz imaging camera


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  • Dmitriy Romanyuk,Terasense Group, Inc.
  • Tera-1024 (32x32) THz imaging camera

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  • Terasense Group, Inc.
  • Dmitriy Romanyuk
  • 2033 Gateway Place, Suite 500,
  • San Jose
  • California
  • United States
  • +1 408 600-14-59

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  • Dmitriy Romanyuk,Terasense Group, Inc.

  • Tera-1024 Terahertz imaging system

    Terasense has developed and put to use its original patent-protected technology for making the new type of semiconductor detectors now employed in their THz imaging cameras / systems.
    THz detectors are combined into compact and inexpensive sensor arrays (similar to CCD/CMOS sensors in a photo camera). On top of that, Terasense can easily produce them in large quantities in the form of 2D focal plane arrays, as the technology is fully compatible with mass manufacturing lines for semiconductors.
    The company successfully offers THz imaging solutions intended for THz and sub-THz frequency ranges for various fields in science and industry. Terasense cameras / detectors operate in the frequency range 20 GHz – 0.7 THz, where most common materials are transparent, and have excellent sensitivity ranging from 50 kV/W to 200 kV/W as compared to similar products in the market. Moreover, Terasense THz cameras can take credit for low-cost, uniform pixel-to-pixel responsivity pattern, and, most importantly, record breaking image acquisition rate up to 5 kHz (5000 fps).

    TERA-1024 is an indisputable best-seller, provides real-time (24 Hz) high-quality image of objects in THz range and has such key specifications:

    • Certified frequency range: 0.02 – 0.7 THz
    • Number of pixels: 1024 (32x 32)
    • Pixel Size: 1.5 x 1.5 mm
    • Responsivity: 50 kV/W
    • Noise Equivalent Power: 1 nW/√Hz
    • Size of device: 10 x 10 x 5.5, cm
    • USB powered (5V)
    • Terasense Viewer® Software
    • Video mode: 24 Hz
    • Tunable image rate (fps)

    Other standard models TERA-256 & TERA-4096 models are available.

    - High responsivity ranging from 50 to 200kV/W
    - Standard and custom-tailored solutions
    - Customer-friendly, plug-and-play design
    Highly competitive cost
    - CE Certified (Certificates of Compliance)
    - Free customization

    Thank you for your interest in our products and technology!
    Should you need more information, please feel free to contact us at your convenience:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • Terasense Group Inc. ( is a leading manufacturer of innovative portable terahertz (THz) imaging systems, Terahertz imaging cameras, THz sources and THz detectors. Our products balance at the cutting edge of scientific and technological breakthroughs and have a number of competitive advantages, not the least of which are
    ● Absence of ionizing radiation
    ● Extremely high image acquisition rate up to 5kHz (5000 frames per sec)
    ● High sensitivity level ranging from 50 kV/W to 200KV (depending on the model)
    ● CE Certificate of Compliance
    ● Ease of integration into industrial process
    ● Plug-and-Play design and customized solutions and, finally, their
    ● Low cost!
    What else can you wish for!

    Terasense is committed to the concept of continuous improvement and employs its original patent-protected technology for making new type of semiconductor detectors for imaging sensor arrays (cameras) that effectively cover sub-THz and THz ranges of electromagnetic spectrum (50 GHz – 700 GHz).

    Terahertz imaging is becoming increasingly popular in the world attracting a lot of attention from science and industry. Our solutions are unique in the market and can offer a wide range of opportunities in a number of applications, viz.
    ● Concealed objects identification
    ● Non-destructive testing (NDT)
    ● Hidden defects identification
    ● homeland security (security screening)
    ● Medical diagnostics
    ● Quality control
    ● Process control etc.

    The list of industries ‘mesmerized’ by and friendly for terahertz imaging is even larger and getting longer each day. It now includes OEM applications for ● Petrochemical industry; ● Oil & Gas sector; ● Agronomy; ● Agriculture and Livestock Farming; ● Food industry ● Forestry and Lumbering ● Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries; ● Wood Processing Industry; ● FMCG Packaging; ● Construction Materials and Building Trades; ● Automotive Industry; ● Security Screening and Letter Scanning and many other fields.

    Not to mention hundreds of fields and orders from various R&D labs, scientific & research universities etc. from all over the world. They steadily rank high in our sales revenue by covering the overwhelming majority of the cases.

    Concentrating our energy on a narrow product lineup, TeraSense can enjoy certain advantages of almost entirely vertically integrated enterprise, which gives us leverage in both wholesale distribution and retailing.

    Our product portfolio currently includes:
    - TERA-256 (16x16 pixels) THz imaging camera
    - TERA-1024 (32x32) THz imaging camera
    - TERA-1024 (4x256) linear THz imaging camera
    - TERA-4096 (64x64) THz imaging camera
    - TeraFAST-256-HS high speed linear THz imaging camera
    - THz Generators (IMPATT diodes)
    - Single Ultrafast detectors (150 ps)

    Please note, in addition to our standard solutions for imaging systems we also make a variety of customer-oriented solutions to satisfy many other configuration and geometry requirements. We have extensive experience in supplying our products internationally to large clients in various industries, and it is truly gratifying to observe increasingly growing interest in T-ray technologies being displayed recently by many researchers, industrial clients and OEM manufactures

    Our THz sensor arrays/cameras belong to ACTIVE type of detecting devices, and therefore require an external THz source.

    Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities including clean rooms, machine shops and quality inspection lines. Backed up with a 25-strong team, with at least half holding Ph.D. degree in solid state physics, Terasense provides a wealth of expertise in THz imaging technologies which enables us to satisfy various end-user’s needs across a number of sciences and industries.

    As a responsible customer-centric supplier committed to the highest standards of business ethics and ‘walking the talk’ we view our ultimate goal as achieving customer’s satisfaction in every case, rather than simply selling our product once! Terasense has a lofty mission to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage predicated on durable, long-term preferences for our products by all our buyers all over the world! We are determined to make every effort to satisfy your THz-imaging related needs and hope for a mutually beneficial cooperation in the future!

    We encourage you to provide a description of your specific application case and intended use of THz imaging system to enable us recommending the best system configuration for you, as well as evaluating feasibility of the application.

    You are welcome to read more about us and what exactly makes us stand out from the rest in the market at

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