• Flex-FPM — Nano and cell manipulation

Flex-FPM — Nano and cell manipulation


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  • Flex-FPM — Nano and cell manipulation

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  • Flex-FPM (FluidFM® probe microscope) combines the force sensitivity and positional accuracy of the Nanosurf FlexAFM with FluidFM® technology by Cytosurge to allow a whole range of exciting applications in single-cell biology and nanoscience.

    Key features and benefits:

    Highly accurate pressure, force, and position control with optical sample access
    Fully integrated system with user-friendly FluidFM® ARYA operator software
    FluidFM® microfluidics control system
    Compatible with major inverted microscope brands

    Different FluidFM® probes: hollow cantilevers designed for specific applications
    FluidFM® micropipettes: tipless cantilevers with opening at the cantilever end
    FluidFM® nanopipettes: cantilevers with opening at the tip apex
    FluidFM® rapid prototyping probes: cantilevers with closed pyramidal tips, ready for FIB milling

    Pioneering research within reach
    A tool to conduct original research at the frontiers of science

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  • Founded in 1997, Nanosurf is a Swiss-based high-tech company providing scanning probe microscopes to customers around the globe. Our product range starts with very compact instruments, followed by state-of-the-art research systems, all the way up to fully customized and comprehensive solutions. Our customers in research, industry and teaching value the innovative approach, the modularity, and the ease of use of our products.
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