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  • Holographic MEMS Analyzer

Holographic MEMS Analyzer


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  • Jérôme Parent,Lyncée Tec SA
  • Holographic MEMS Analyzer

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  • Lyncée Tec SA
  • Jérôme Parent
  • Innovation park, bldg A
  • lausanne
  • N/A
  • Switzerland
  • 0216930227

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  • Jérôme Parent,Lyncée Tec SA

  • The holographic MEMS analyzer solution provides time sequences of the successive 3D topographies of a MEMS along its driving signal. This unique set of data contains an unrivalled wealth of information. In particular, in- and out-of-plane displacements and frequency response can be analyzed at any location within the measurement field of view.

    A non-scanning method for reduced characterization time
    Efficient comparison between simulations and micro-manufactured devices
    Measurement of samples that cannot be characterized with other techniques.

  • Lyncée Tec is an innovative, dynamic and customer focused company based in Lausanne, Switzerland with a worldwide network of distributors. It offers matured holographic microscopes based on the revolutionary patented Digital .
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