• 2.8nm CdSe Quantum Dots
  • 2.8nm CdSe Quantum Dots
  • 2.8nm CdSe Quantum Dots

2.8nm CdSe Quantum Dots


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  • 2.8nm CdSe Quantum Dots

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    Quantum dots



    Emission peak

    Size: 2.8 nm
    Size distribution: CV<2.0%
    Solvent: Toluene
    Coating: Oleic acid and Trioctylphosphine oxide
    Concentration of CdSe (ions): 10 mM
    Available quantities: 5ml or 20ml
    Bulk quantities (up to 1000 kg) are available on request
    Particles are available with the following range of functional coatings:
    Oleic acid and Trioctylphosphine
    Mercaptosuccinic acid
    PEG (COOH terminated)

    Particle Works supplies high-performance quantum dots with narrow optical absorption and emission spectra.

    We use state-of-the-art automated continuous flow microfluidic techniques and successive ion layer adsorption and reactions (SILAR) to fabricate highly monodisperse (typical CV values < 2.5%) batch-to-batch consistent (typical CV values < 5%) quantum dots. The resulting materials demonstrate up to 3x the performance compared to commercially available counterparts.

    Applications include:
    Diagnostic: Active/Passive fluorescent contrast agents
    Biomedical: Fluorescent staining Protein dynamics monitoring Targeted labeling
    Industrial: Catalysis Photocatalysis Anti counterfeit devices

    Our customers value Particle Works products for:
    Substantially improved material performance
    Experiment reproducible
    Greater product value
    Ability to purchase products at high volume with retention of product quality
    Ability to use processed and raw characterization data in publications

  • Particle Works designs and fabricates a wide range of metal nanoparticles, quantum dots and hydrogels with tight control of critical parameters such as particle size, shape and architecture and supplies them with comprehensive characterization data. These standard products are designed to maximize material performance – including catalytic activity, magnetic strength and optical resonance – helping to standardize processes and accelerate development across a wide range of disciplines. The Particle Works team can also provide customer-specific services to simplify and accelerate proof of principle, materials optimization and scale-up studies.
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