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VSParticle G1


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  • Vincent Laban,VSParticle
  • VSParticle G1

Contact Details

  • VSParticle
  • Vincent Laban
  • Molengraaffsingel
  • Delft
  • N/A
  • Netherlands
  • 0619301486

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  • Vincent Laban,VSParticle

  • The VSParticle G1:

    The VSParticle G1 is a generator for inorganic nanoparticles in gas phase. By carefully managing the spark ablation process, the generator enables a high degree of control over purity (no contamination of reaction materials), particle size (monodispersity), and particle composition. It is a cost effective and easy (plug and play) way of producing nanoparticles for research and industrial applications.

    Supported materials: Noble metals: Pt, Au, Ag, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ir, W • Other: Cu, Al, Fe, Mg, Ti, V, Nb, Cr, Mo, Mn, Co, Ni, Zn, Ga, Ge, Si, C, Pb, Ag, Cd, In, Sn, Sb • Alloys: Inox, Cu-Ni, Cr-Co, Au-Pd, Ag-Pd • Various oxides and doped materials: upon request.

    At VSParticle, we believe operating any device should be straightforward. Despite the complexity of the spark ablation process, the VSParticle G1 is controlled by just three buttons. The first one serves as on/off switch and emergency stop, while the other two are used to alter the particle size and production rate. Depending on the material, carrier gas flow and device settings the G1 produces nanoparticles with a mean primary particle diameter between 1 and 20 nanometers at rates up to 20 miligrams per hour.

    Read more about the tech specs at:

  • VSParticle helps scientists and industrial parties to disrupt high-impact markets with ‘on location’, and ‘on demand’ production of engineered materials & nanoparticles.

    Nanoparticles - and especially particles below 5-10 nm in diameter - have unique physical and chemical properties that open up possibilities for better sensors in healthcare, highly efficient catalysts and low-cost (flexible) microelectronics.

    The production of specific nanoparticles is difficult, costly and time consuming. With our generators, scientist can make nanoparticles themselves; pure, size selected and of any conducting material. We also offer an industrial nanoparticle generator, to produce desired particles on an industrial scale, that can be incorporated in commercial products using nanotechnology.

    VSParticle’s vision is to set the standard for nanoparticle production for high-impact markets, driving innovation and creating opportunities to make the world more sustainable, healthier and smarter.

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