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  • Daniel Royston
  • Block 23, Alderley Science Park
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  • Daniel Royston,EM Resist Ltd

  • HSQ resist is a high resolution negative tone resist that has excellent etch resistance. Lithography can be performed with E-beam, EUV or SFIL.

    We offer HSQ pre-diluted and filtered in MIBK, however we also have the option of a ‘dry-kit’. This consists of HSQ powder in a vial, a measure of MIBK and a syringe and syringe filter. This enables the user to perform custom dilutions as well as extend the shelf-life of the resist.

    Direct write and thin uniform films
    High resolution (<10 nm features)
    Excellent line edge roughness
    Good dry etch resistance
    Available in powder form to meet every need
    Very long shelf life at 20°C (in powder form)

  • EM Resist Ltd. is specialised in developing materials used for lithography and nanofabrication applications. With over 20 years combined experience, we are continually developing the next generation of materials that will enable you to push forward in your research and development.

    Can we help you?

    Do you have a specific application or problem that you are trying to solve? Are conventional tools or materials not working for you? Let us know and we may be able to help. With our deep in house knowledge on electron beam lithography and close connection with our sister companies EM Analytical & EM Systems Support, we can help you design materials and tools specific for your application.

    We have a full suite of nanofabrication tools that are available for one-off project work or complete proof of principle projects.
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