• 40nm Gold nanoparticles

40nm Gold nanoparticles


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  • 40nm Gold nanoparticles

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    Single element nanoparticles

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    Size: 40nm, Particles /ml 9.00E10, Mean size: 37.0 – 43.0 nm, CV ≤8%

    BBI's unique recipe gold nanoparticle has been used for over 20 years due to its superior quality and performance, and features in over 400 million tests in the global market place per year. We offer a 40nm gold which is ideal for a number of applications including Lateral flow assays, TEM, SEM, Environmental detection and purification, Data storage, Drug delivery, Biomarkers, SERS, Photo-thermolysis, Catalysis Chemical sensors and DNA detection.

  • BBI Solutions has served the global diagnostics industry for over 50 years, as a leading developer and manufacturer of raw materials and finished test platforms for the in-vitro diagnostics market.

    Over the past 50 years, BBI has grown from a small specialist company, to a global business with manufacturing sites in five different countries, spanning three continents.

    Our product ranges include:

    Biological Raw Materials

    Monoclonal Antibodies and
    Recombinant Fab Antibodies
    Serum & Plasma Products

    Depleted Serum
    Disease State Plasma
    Normal Serum and
    Patient Samples
    In addition, we manufacture world renowned labels for lateral flow, ELISA assay and biosensors, these include:

    Gold Nanoparticles
    Horseraddish Peroxidase and
    Glucose Oxidase
    BBI Solutions also offers end to end Contract Development and manufacturing services, with a core focus on custom gold conjugation and lateral flow test manufacture.

    Innovative new projects include the integration of emerging technologies into our products, such as the Atomo Rapid Platform and the Novarum Smartphone Reader.

    BBI Solutions is part of the BBI Group

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