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  • Marshall Weingarden,Nano Materials and Processes, Inc.
  • Product Category
    Single element nanoparticles

    Element name
    Nanodiamond (carbon)

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    Super polishing, catalyst, special coverings, medical or veterinary applications, cosmetics
    Super polishing, catalyst, ultra thin coatings, medical, veterinary, cosmetics

    Use for super-polishing beyond 0.13 microns or as a catalyst for electrochemistry (e.g., drawing of thin coverings over precious metals). Also used for medical or veterinary applications or cosmetics. Ultra dispersed diamond packaged in a plastic container at a concentration of 50 gm/liter in sterile, non-ionized distilled water. 2-10 nm average size of primary crystal; 98.5%+ purity, 250-350 square meters of surface per gram; charged surface.
    GOST Certified to meet food safety standards by government testing laboratory

  • Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. ("NMPI") produces engineered detonation synthesis nanodiamonds / Ultra Dispersed Diamond("DSND/UDD") as well as off-the-shelf and custom products and solutions incorporating UDD. We offer products and solutions in tribology, combustion improvement, chemical & electrochemical deposition, composite materials and medicine. We are capable of manufacturing products in sizes and quantities that vary from the laboratory to commercial and military. An expanding variety of off-the-shelf products are available in our on-line store. Engineering support is available for qualifying orders.
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