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  • Nanosun Zinc Oxide P99/30

Nanosun Zinc Oxide P99/30


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  • Micronisers
  • Nanosun Zinc Oxide P99/30

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  • Micronisers
  • 6-8 England Street
  • Dandenong
  • Victoria
  • Australia
  • +61 3 9768 3277

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  • Micronisers
  • Product Category
    Binary compound nanoparticles

    Element name

    Compound name
    Zinc oxide

    Purity (%)




    A non-porous highly crystalline nanomaterial powder that is practically insoluble in water. Nanosun™ Zinc Oxide P99/30 is produced to standards equivalent to USP/BP quality.

    It is widely used as an additive in many applications including sunscreens, personal care, polymers (plastics), paints, dishwashing powders, rubber, catalysts, glass, cement, anti-bacterial ointments, agriculture, pigments, foods (source of Zn nutrient), batteries, ferrites, fire retardants, electronics and first aid tapes… to name a few.

  • Presently, a range of distribution, supply, technology transfer and collaborative agreements exist with several large multi nationals for the development of sales, new products and new markets in plastics, animal health, water based coatings, personal care, plant nutrition and concrete coatings.

    Micronisers also has vested interests in…

    Micronisers Australasia (a subsidiary of Micronisers): A company specialising in the production of high purity nano Zinc Oxide powder and sales, marketing and distribution of OxylinkTM which is an additive for the improvement of water based coatings.

    ProProtect (a subsidiary of Micronisers): A company specialising in the manufacture of unique nano enhanced coatings for concrete infrastructure and metal surfaces. The benefits include excellent anti-carbonation, easy to clean, graffiti/UV resistance & durability. ProProtect sells its coatings under the trademark ProguardTM. ProguardTM is a provisionally patented product.
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