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  • Tim Ferland,ANF Technology
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    Alumina nanofiber dispersions in epoxy

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    Functionalized surface, dispesed in Bisphenal based epoxy

    NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers are a line of nanofiber dispersions based on the NAFEN alumina nanofibers. These products are based in bisphenal epoxy blends for use in adhesive and composite bonding system applicaitons.

    Improvements in mechanical performance can be expected in the areas of lap shear, elongation at break, impact toughness and fracture resistance. Additional physical property benefits can be seen in fire resistance, thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. Very small loadings of the NAFEN fibers are required (0.5wt%) to achieve significant improvements in performance.

  • NAFEN alumina nano fibers were developed in ANF Technology’s pilot manufacturing facility in Tallinn, Estonia in 2010. The product is synthesized from liquid phase aluminum, which allows for a high production rate and unlimited capacity expansion.

    The production process has been patented, allowing ANF Group to develop sales channels and research partners without joepardizing potential market share of the nano enhancer market. It also allows for unlimited scalability in production volume, thus eliminating the main roadblock to innovation for our customers (lack of industrial scale production capacity).

    Using NAFEN as a foundation, ANF Technology has developed game-changing base material dispersions that enhance the performance of a significant number of polymer-based products and materials.
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