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Ultra Dispersed Diamond - WS


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  • Marshall Weingarden,Nano Materials and Processes, Inc.
  • Ultra Dispersed Diamond - WS

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  • Nano Materials and Processes, Inc.
  • Marshall Weingarden
  • N/A
  • Milford
  • MI
  • United States
  • +01 248-529-3873

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  • Marshall Weingarden,Nano Materials and Processes, Inc.
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    Single element nanoparticles

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    UDD in water suspension for electrochemistry, lubricant cooling, polishing, water based paint

    Use in lubricant cooling liquids, polishing, water based paint (e.g., automotive), catalyst for electrochemistry (e.g., chromium plating, nickel plating, copper plating, anodizing, etc.). 2-10 nm average size of primary crystal, 250-350 square meters of surface per gram, charged surface. UDD in water suspension packaged in a plastic container at a concentration of 50 gm/liter of distilled water.

  • Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. ("NMPI") produces engineered detonation synthesis nanodiamonds / Ultra Dispersed Diamond("DSND/UDD") as well as off-the-shelf and custom products and solutions incorporating UDD. We offer products and solutions in tribology, combustion improvement, chemical & electrochemical deposition, composite materials and medicine. We are capable of manufacturing products in sizes and quantities that vary from the laboratory to commercial and military. An expanding variety of off-the-shelf products are available in our on-line store. Engineering support is available for qualifying orders.
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