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  • STED Fluorescent Nanobeads

STED Fluorescent Nanobeads


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  • Daniela Lorenzo,HIQ-NANO srl
  • STED Fluorescent Nanobeads

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  • HIQ-NANO srl
  • Daniela Lorenzo
  • via Barzanti snc
  • Arnesano (LECCE)
  • N/A
  • Italy
  • 003908321816248

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  • Daniela Lorenzo,HIQ-NANO srl
  • Product Category
    Binary compound nanoparticles

    Element name

    Compound name

    Purity (%)


    From 25 to 150 nm


    Stable in organic solvents, aqueous solution and biological media

    STED Fluorescent Nanobeads

    Highly bright fluorescent nanobeads for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy (STED). Different sizes and colors available. Stable in organic solvents, aqueous solution and biological media.

    - Tunable sizes from 25 to 150 nm;
    - Highly monodisperse for reliable STED imaging;
    - Available with blue, green, yellow and red fluorescence emission;
    - Highly bright;
    - Tunable surface chemistry (e.g., carboxylic, amino, sulphonic acid groups);
    - Guaranteed-sterility;

    Our prices are very competitive in relation to the quality we are able to deliver to our customers. Feel free to contact us for specific inquiries, technical questions and quote requests. Furthermore, we will be happy to provide a wide range of customized nanoparticles to meet your specific demands.

  • HiQ-Nano is a nanotechnology oriented company arisen from Italian Institute of Technology, focused on the design, fabrication and characterization of high-quality nanoparticles.

    The company exploits its strong scientific expertise in nanofabrication, nanobiotechnology and material science to satisfy the demanding needs of both academic research and industrially oriented applications.

    HiQ-Nano provides highly monodispersed and stable nanoparticles, with a low batch-to-batch variability, accurately characterized for their shape, size distribution, charge, and agglomeration state.

    Our mission is to guarantee excellent nanoparticles and related technologies to our clients, allowing researchers and industries to face with the exceptional properties of nanomaterials.
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