• surfactant free, 5 nm Cobalt nanoparticles

surfactant free, 5 nm Cobalt nanoparticles


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  • Protima Rauwel,PRO-1 NANOSolutions
  • surfactant free, 5 nm Cobalt nanoparticles

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  • Protima Rauwel,PRO-1 NANOSolutions
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    Single element nanoparticles

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    Cubic Fcc


    unique air-stable, surfactant-free cobalt metal nanoparticles are the only ones available on the market. These Co nanoparticles are dispatched as dried powders. Each individual Co nanoparticle’s stability is ensured by the monolayer of oxide coating on their surfaces which turns them into non-pyrophoric and ultra-stable in air. Moreover, the nanoparticles possess high purity with less than 0.9 weight% of carbon.

  • PRO-1 NANOSolutions was founded by two young dedicated and passionate scientists in the year 2016, with an objective of making nanotechnologies accessible to everyone and solving global issues like pollution, water purification, targeted drug therapy, and energy crisis. Our team consists of Professors, scientists and even students with over two decades of R&D in the field of nanotechnologies and quite a few Patent rights to our credit.

    We also design customized solutions based on the individual needs. Our products include metal nanoparticles such as Silver (Ag) and Cobalt (Co) and their nanocomposites. Soon we will be providing Copper (Cu) metal nanoparticles. Moreover, we are the only ones on the market able to produce surfactant free air-stable Co-metal nanoparticles with sizes as small 5 nm possessing super-paramagnetic properties.

    Other than metal nanoparticles we also provide consulting services in the implementation of these nanoparticles in specific applications. If required, PRO-1 NANOSolutions can actively participate in the conceptualization of the prototype models aimed at certain applications of these nanoparticles.

    Our nanoparticles can be applied to water purification as they successfully remove heavy metals. Other applications include targeted drug delivery with superparamagnetic Co nanoparticles. Further applications include, Fischer-Torp and reforming in catalysis. Fundamental research can also be carried out with them. Ag nanoparticles present active anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties where applications include wound dressing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal paints for hospitals and green housing. More information on the products are available on the individual product pages
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