• BioQTN Silver Ag (Silver Nanoparticles)

BioQTN Silver Ag (Silver Nanoparticles)


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  • Samuel Férrer,BRinova Bioquímica LDA
  • BioQTN Silver Ag (Silver Nanoparticles)

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  • BRinova Bioquímica LDA
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  • Samuel Férrer,BRinova Bioquímica LDA
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    Single element nanoparticles

    Element name

    Purity (%)

    30 - 120 nm (Size Customization possible)


    BioQTN Silver Ag is a silver nanoparticles dispersion.

    Particles sizes 30 - 120 nm (Size Customization possible)

    Molecular weight: 107.87 g/mol
    Color: light yellow to brown
    Physical state: Liquid
    Total silver concentration: 0.2-2 mg/ml
    Density at 20 ºC: 0.991 ± 0.04 g/ml
    Morphology: spherical
    Zeta potential: 33.8±1.9 mV
    Particle surface: sodium citrate and polysaccharide
    Solvent: water
    Specific surface area (BET): 2.2± 0.2 m²/g

    BioQTN Silver Ag is a silver nanoparticles aqueous dispersion with low toxicity and low sensitization potential, developed specifically for bacteria protection.

    Ideal additive for use in a wide variety of aqueous processes.

    BioQTN Silver Ag has an innovative synthesis of silver nanoparticles, based on silver reduction, through an unprecedented combination of polysaccharides of marine origin and a reducing agent. Nanoparticles produced with BioQTN technology present several advantages, among them, their biocompatibility.

  • BRinova is a Portuguese company that focuses its resources on the development and commercialization of solutions associated with nanotechnology.

    Our products are based on an advanced biopolymer platform;
    the result of more than 25 years of research and technological development including products formulation aiming odor elimination, antibacterial and cleaning action.

    We believe that technology can contribute to a greener future.

    We use natural raw materials to create environmentally conscious and friendly solutions.
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