Fast synthesis of graphene oxide nanosheets with ultrasonic waves

(Nanowerk News) Graphene oxide nanosheets were produced through a simple, fast and economical method by researchers from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad ("Facile and fast synthesis of graphene oxide nanosheets via bath ultrasonic irradiation").
Applied properties of these nanosheets are much higher than those of nanosheets produced through usual methods in previous studies.
Graphene oxide has numerous applications in different industries such as electronic pieces, fuel cells, energy storage, and photocatalytic activities. It has been tried in this research to present a simple method for the production of this valuable nanostructure without the need for difficult laboratorial conditions.
In this research, graphene oxide nanosheets were produced through chemical process (Hummer’s method) by using ultrasonic waves with low intensity. The main advantage of the proposed method is the shorter period of the process and also reduction in the process temperature. High quality products are obtained in 20 minutes at ambient temperature.
Chemical oxidation of graphite is the most common method to produce graphene oxide, which takes place in the presence of potassium permanganate and sulfuric acid. Process conditions, specifically long duration and high temperature, are the most important problems of this reaction. In addition to reducing time and temperature, the use of ultrasonic waves enables the production of a product with higher quality. In other words, graphene oxide produced through this method has fewer layers in comparison with other chemical methods. Moreover and according to the results, nanosheets produced by using ultrasonic waves have higher specific area.
Taking into account the increase in rate and decrease in temperature and time required for the production method and finally the increase in the product quality, it is expected that the product of this applied research can be used more frequently in other industries.
Source: INIC
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