Source code of nano-archimedes now online

(Nanowerk News) nano-archimedes is a Technology Computer Aided Design tool (TCAD) for the simulation of various technology relevant situtations involving the dynamics of electrons such as the transport in nanometer scale semiconductor devices (nanodevices) and the dynamics of N-body problems in quantum chemistry. It is based on the Wigner equation, a convenient formulation of quantum mechanics in terms of a phase-space, and the density functional theory (DFT).
Today, Dr. Jean Michel Sellier has released the source code of nano-archimedes online. It can be downloaded here.
This first version implements the one-dimensional, ballistic, time-dependent Wigner MC method based on signed particles and simulates a wave-packet going towards a potential barrier.
An example of what can be achieved with this code is given in the following video:
The code is released under GPL and it is a GNU package. The user is, thus, free to use, modify and share the code with other users.
Instructions on how to extend this code to two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometries are provided along with explanations on how to simulate many-body quantum problems and include phonon scattering.
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