Take a survey on risk management of nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) The EU FP7 Sustainable Nanotechnologies (SUN) project is based on the idea that the current knowledge on environmental and health risks of nanomaterials – while limited – can nevertheless guide nanomanufacturing to avoid liabilities if an integrated approach addressing the complete product lifecycle is applied. SUN project logo
SUN aims to evaluate the risks along the supply chains of engineered nanomaterials and incorporate the results into tools and guidelines for sustainable nanomanufacturing.

A key objective of SUN is to build the SUN Decision Support System (SUNDS) to facilitate safe and sustainable nanomanufacturing and risk management. It will integrate tools for ecological and human health risk assessment, lifecycle assessment, economic assessment and social impact assessment within a sustainability assessment framework.

The goal of this questionnaire is to collect information to support the development of TARMM inventory by surveying companies that are involved in nanotechnology-related activities. Personnel who are familiar with the risk management practices in your company may be best suited to answer these questions. It consists of 12 questions related to risk management of nano-enabled products.
Source: SUN Project
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