European Commission developing new EU nanotechnology research, development and innovation strategy

(Nanowerk News) As one of Europe’s leading authorities on nano safety research, NANOSOLUTIONS Project Coordinator Kai Savolainen has been asked to take part in a wide-ranging European survey on nanotechnology research, innovation and market development, and regulations, conducted on behalf of the European Commission, which is currently developing its EU nanotechnology research, development and innovation strategy.
The European Commission’s DG for Research and Innovation is in the process of gathering data in support of evidence-based policy-making in the field of research and innovation in nanosciences and nanotechnologies.
With nanotechnologies being one of the key enabling technologies, the EC considers them to be of systemic importance for the innovative capacity of a wide range of industries and the economy as a whole. “The emerging field of nanotechnology has the potential to lead (and has already led) to substantial advances in many sectors — for example energy, medicine, electronics, construction and clean technologies — while contributing to substantial economic growth,” say Christos Tokamanis, Head of Unit, Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies in a letter to survey participants.
“There is wide recognition that it could prove to be one of the research and industry strengths of the European research and innovation system,” he continues.
Recognising the importance of nanotechnologies and their application in very different fields, the European Commission believes this survey will help develop evidence-based policy-making in the field of research and innovation in nanosciences and nanotechnologies, which aims to:
  • Strengthen the research foundations of nanotechnology in Europe;
  • Assess the potential for the application of nanotechnology in products and markets;
  • Identify critical gaps, if any, in knowledge related to environment, health and safety;
  • Determine the opportunities of nanotechnology-based industrial and economic growth and employment creation; and
  • Effectively and efficiently address the opportunities and the management of challenges.
  • The survey will help with this by improving the knowledge of the nanotechnology field and of the related industrial and research sectors and help the European Commission to better align its research and innovation policies with developments worldwide, facilitate better informed decision-making and take into account input from a wide range of external stakeholders.
    Source: Nanosolutions
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