Posted: May 25, 2009

EPSRC third Nanotechnology Grand Challenge opens in June

(Nanowerk News) Under the cross research council programme, Nanoscience through Engineering to Application, the EPSRC (the main UK government agency for funding research and training in engineering and the physical sciences) has chosen the scope for our third Nanotechnology Grand Challenge which will open at the beginning of June.
The EPSRC has up to 5 million available to allocate to this call and will be seeking contributions from other funding partners.
EPSRC are seeking proposals that address the contribution which nanotechnology can make to Carbon Capture and Utilisation.
Applications addressing carbon utilisation or capture from the free atmosphere are particularly encouraged.
The EPSRC has already undertaken two Grand Challenges in Nanotechnology:
Grand Challenge 1: Energy (funded projects started in May 2008)
Grand Challenge 2: Healthcare (funded projects to start in May 2009)
The programme also involves other research councils (BBSRC, MRC and ESRC) as well as the Technology Strategy Board.
The EPSRC undertook a web-based consultation with a broad cross section of the research and user community to establish what topics should be included in the third Grand Challenge. These views were used by the cross Council Nanotechnology Scientific Advisory Team to select the area of Nanotechnology Solutions for the Environment.
The next stage involved holding a Town Meeting in March 2009. Attendees were chosen through an Expression of Interest call. The outputs of this event were then discussed by the Nanotechnology Strategic Advisory Team which advised that the final scope of the call should be the contribution Nanotechnology can make to Carbon Capture and Utilisation.
Next Stages
A two phase process will be used for this call: an Outline Proposal stage, followed by a Full Proposal stage. The outline call will be issued at the beginning of June on the calls for proposals section of our website.
Source: EPSRC
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