Posted: July 17, 2009

UK government calls on industry to help develop national nanotechnology strategy

(Nanowerk News) Lord Drayson, Science and Innovation Minister and chair of the Ministerial Group on Nanotechnologies, is calling on industry and interested groups to get involved in shaping a UK strategy for nanotechnologies
Industry, academia and consumer groups were invited to use a new website to help develop the strategy, building on and consolidating the existing research and consultations that have already taken place. The website will gather views on core issues including research, regulation, innovation and commercialisation, measurement and standards and information as well as on the anticipated impact of nanotechnologies on a wide range of sectors.
The aim of the strategy is to describe the actions necessary to ensure that the UK obtains maximum economic, environmental and societal benefit from nanotechnologies while keeping the risks properly managed.
Science and Innovation Minister, Lord Drayson, said:
"The Government has made clear the need for responsible development of nanotechnologies. This new website will let everyone be involved in developing a new UK Strategy by February next year. This will address the exploitation of technologies and management of potential risks."
Lord Drayson launched the strategy development process with his colleagues in Defra, DH and DWP.
Dan Norris MP, Minister for Rural Affairs and the Environment, said:
“Nanotechnologies could bring real benefits to the economy, society and to the environment. However, we also recognise the need to understand the potential risks and how to manage them. The Government is taking a leading role nationally, in Europe and internationally to bring together existing knowledge and new research to safely harness this technology’s significant potential.”
Gillian Merron MP, Minister for Public Health, said:
"This is a fascinating area of new technology and very much work in progress. We need to secure potential benefits whilst providing the consumer with full confidence that these new products are safe."
DWP Minister, Lord McKenzie, said:
"I welcome the launch of the nanotechnologies evidence gathering website, and hope it will be successful in helping to take the UK strategy on nanotechnologies forward. HSE will continue to work with Government partners to ensure that the health and safety risks to employees in the nanotechnologies industry are properly controlled."
Source: UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
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