Posted: January 26, 2007

France to open nanotechnology-based neurosurgery clinic

(Nanowerk News) Clinatec, an experimental clinic specialising in nanotechnologies-based treatment, will be established within the next three years in Grenoble, France.
The clinic is the initiative of Professor Alim-Louis Benabib, a neurosurgeon. Under his guidance, the clinic will make use of the latest medical nanotechnologies to conduct brain surgery on patients suffering from degenerative diseases like Parkinson's.
'The idea is to build an experimental centre which will treat on average one patient per month and whose activity will be followed by an ethics committee,' said Jean Therme, Director of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).
The clinic will benefit from the work being carried out at Minatec, Europe's largest research centre in micro-nanotechnologies, which is also located in Grenoble.
Source: Cordis
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