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Posted: March 1, 2007

Nanotechnology-inspired luggage line...

(Nanowerk News) Ok, it's only Thursday, but here is this week's Slow News Friday story. Here is the original press release text; no comments necessary...
nanotechnology lugage
2006 Winner of The Product Innovation Award, Ricardo Beverly Hills, Introduces the Capistrano Light Luggage Collection Featuring Nano-Tex® Fabric.
Ricardo Beverly Hills introduces a first in the luggage industry: the use of nanotechnology integrated into a luggage line. The Capistrano Light Luggage Line features lightweight Nano-Tex® treated fabric, which employs nanotechnology to provide superior protection against stains and outdoor elements. The result: an impressive luggage line that stays cleaner and maintains the look of new luggage, even after several uses.
Robert Dodson, President of Ricardo Beverly Hills commented, "Our company has a long history of creating innovative products that are designed to advance the luggage industry as a whole and deliver solutions to consumers. Our management and research team set out to solve an on-going dilemma in the luggage industry: how to keep luggage looking newer and cleaner for longer periods of time. After a great deal of research and testing, we identified the usage of nanotechnology as the key to creating lightweight fabric that provides superior protection against stains and other elements. We selected Nano-Tex fabric and the end result is beautiful luggage that will withstand the test of time."
Source: Ricardo Beverly Hills
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