Posted: April 17, 2007

Special journal issue on nanotechnology for energy systems

(Nanowerk News) In its latest issue, the International Journal of Energy Research presents a selection of key papers discussing the widespread potential of nanotechnology in the development of advanced energy systems, encompassing various issues such as improving energy storage, enhancing renewable energy sources, and achieving energy savings.
Articles include:
Micro Fuel Cell Power Sources By J. D. Morse
Selected Nanotechnologies for Renewable Energy Applications By S.S. Mao, X. Chen
Recent Advances in Nano-Electromechanical and Microfluidic Power Generation By P.S. Glockner, G.F. Naterer
Size effects on the hydrogen storage properties of nanostructured metal hydrides: A review (p 637-663) By v. Bérubé, G. Radtke, M. Dresselhaus, G. Chen
Source: Wiley
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