Posted: September 8, 2010

Russian-Irish nanotechnology forum opens

(Nanowerk News) President of Ireland Mary McAleese and RUSNANO CEO Anatoly Chubays opened the one-day nanotechnology forum on nanotechnology, organized by the Science Foundaton of Ireland (SFI) and RUSNANO. Representatives of SFI and RUSNANO, managers of Irish firms as well as leading Irish and Russian researchers discussed the opportunities of cooperation in international business projects in the field of nanotechnology.
"Science and technology need encouragement, structure, systematic funding and a collaborative and conducive environment of brilliant and pioneering minds in order to flourish. And, they need bravery from all stakeholders who comprise the wider scientific, commercial, industrial and public affairs communities. That is why the vision and commitment which resulted in RUSNANO's establishment in 2007 is to be congratulated," said President of Ireland Mary McAleese. She described the jointly held event as "merely the beginning of a productive and dynamic scientific dialogue that will benefit both Russia and Ireland into the future."
"RUSNANO and SFI complement each other by supporting the different segments of the international innovation pipeline. I am sure that this visit of the President of Ireland
Mrs McAleese and the delegation of the leading Irish researchers and entrepreneurs will ignite a strategic cooperation that will lead to concrete'' practical results – joint projects. We are also very curious of the Irish experience in providing the pragmatic and efficient state policy in the sphere of innovations," said RUSNANO CEO Anatoly Chubays.
The Ireland's policy which includes state regulation and encouraging hi-tech entrepreneurship, had allowed the country in 1990s to leap from last standings to the top tier of economic development rankings.
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